Passaro P. | Zen Style Wall Coating
Resina decorativa e industriale dall’idea alla progettazione, dalla scelta dei materiali all’esecuzione del lavoro. La resina è una materiale innovativo e versatile per pavimenti e pareti
rivestimenti in resina decorativa, resina industriale, resina colorata
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Zen Style Wall Coating






Wall coated with concrete and quarz minerals


About this project

Customer request: create a decorative effect for the living room with LED lighting, to highlight the ambience.

The proposed solution evokes and brings back to the Zen concept of tranquility and peace, which enriched with a pearlescent finish, gives unique and different reflex depending on the light intensity.

The kitchen covering, combined with the living room, has been decorated with a product based on concrete and quartz minerals subsequently protected with insulating products, thus making the surface perfectly washable and water-repellent.