Passaro P. | Decorative Resin Coatings for Flooring and Coverings
DECORATIVE RESIN: a new concept of covering, suitable for floors, walls and any other piece of furniture. The decorative resin has no joints, it is waterproof, washable and resistant. The resin can be decorated with material effects or spatulate.
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Decorative resin is a state of the art material, the latest coating concept to give a new life to your environment, suitable for floors, walls, bathrooms, stairs, furnishing accessories and much more. The resin is seamless, washable, resistant, waterproof and can be decorated with texture effects, more or less visible, depending on the customer’s wishes.


Resin coatings are the perfect solution to be applied in the context of the architecture, used for interior and exterior design. The versatility and resistance that this material offers, can radically transform any living or commercial space.


    The decorative resin coatings are characterized by continuous seamless surfaces, that give charm and elegance to any environment.


    Monochromatic finish, tone on tone, spatula or cloudy effect, textured or monolithic.

  • THIN

    The low thickness of the resin coating makes it particularly suitable for renovating environments.


    The resin can be applied on existing coatings avoiding demolition and disposal.


    The resin is extraordinarily easy to clean and is resistant to scratches, wear and abrasion.


    The resin can be made in any color on a RAL or NCS scale.

Whether you prefer spacious, bright, peaceful, warm, colourful, modern, industrial or any other stile for your environment, with the application of decorative resin our company is qualified to meet any of these specifications.)



Design the interior of your home by choosing the perfect color among many different combinations or by creating natural or artificial textured effects.
The resins we use make the walls completely waterproof, resistant to bacteria and with good resistance to abrasions and chemical agents. Since decorative resin is an elastic product it also follows any structural movements.
Continuous and non-porous surfaces do not attract bacteria, yeasts, fungus or other micro-organisms, furthermore, they are resistant to stains, easy to clean and excellent for the places dedicated for cooking or eating.
The resin is resistant to UV rays, sunlight or fading. Therefore
it’s perfect for using indoors in sunny areas or outdoors on bars, tables and other surfaces.