Passaro P. | Company
Resina decorativa e industriale dall’idea alla progettazione, dalla scelta dei materiali all’esecuzione del lavoro. La resina è una materiale innovativo e versatile per pavimenti e pareti
rivestimenti in resina decorativa, resina industriale, resina colorata
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The Passaro P. team has always been at the forefront in terms of knowledge, creative curiosity and the desire for growth and innovation.

To our clients, we offer innovative products in the decorative art sector; we use high performance systems with low environmental impact; our employees are specialized and reliable.


We propose to the client a personalized and original solution
that gives shape to his imagination.
We support realization of client’s ideas by satisfying all his requirements.


Our customers can count on our service at any stage of the project, from the idea and design to the choice of materials and execution of the work.


Interior designers, architects and construction companies that have chosen the resin for their most innovative projects can count on our profesionalism and guarantee in order to comply the timing of work


The versatility of our products allows us to obtain extraordinary results,

combining colors and texture in an infinite range of creative possibilities.